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JoJo’s Beef Jerky Is Unlike Anything You’ve Tried!

Welcome back!

I’m so glad that you have returned after appreciating some of the tasteful treats that we found on the Foodie Tour on the Strip! If you are just joining our foodie tour family, don’t hesitate to go back and familiarize yourself with my previous food blogs. The eats that we enjoyed there are significantly satisfying, and while I know that you are going to like these as well, why not indulge yourself?!

One of the best things about doing what I do is not only introducing you to some delicious new foods and local restaurants but providing you with the Taste Buzz experience. As many of you know, I am a native Las Vegan which has nothing to do with the meat and vegetables that I eat, but everything to do with knowing where to take YOU to eat your meat and vegetables in my city. Besides that, I also know some of the amazing history that surrounds the haunts that our city boasts, which you won’t get with anyone but me and my Foodie Friends (which are tour guides with a twist!). We put a lot of time in finding some of the best joints to eat at, and the best sightseeing locals which will take your time with us from good to GREAT!

So, here we go! Today, we’re sightseeing and what goes better with sightseeing than a little bit of beef jerky?!

Let’s Beef Things Up!

On our journey today, we are going to hang out a little bit longer in the Downtown Container Park. Here, I am going to take you to a brick-and-mortar beef jerky shop. Let me give you a little back story about JoJo’s Jerky. JoJo’s owner is, you guessed it….not named Jojo. In reality, the owner of Jojo’s is actually Hans who named his savory shop after his nephew, Jojo. For years, Hans had been a beef jerky hobbyist, fine-tuning these tasty little morsels into the heavenly flavors that you are putting in your mouths today.

Hans had always told Jojo that if he ever opened his own jerky store he would name it after him and, well, we’re standing here today!

#1 Rated Las Vegas Food Tour

How about we talk about some flavors?!

Since I am a traditional girl at heart, let me tell you about the pepper jerky. This was the first jerky that Jojo gave the “thumbs up” to. As each new flavor gets put on the table for review, Jojo gets the final say if it is good enough to go in the jerky shop of his name. Pepper jerky was a hands-down thumbs-up.

If you are looking for something a little sweeter, grab a pack of the Sweet Teriyaki. This tantalizing blend of brown sugar, soy sauce, and garlic will have your taste buds thanking you.

I love it when things get a little bit spicy. Occasionally, the endorphin rush that you get when you eat something so spicy it takes your breath away is just the kick you are looking for. Other times you just to relish in the natural spices and flavors that take a mouthful from good to great. This is the type of bite that you will find with the Triple Threat. The Triple Threat is a carefully calculated blend of telli-cherry peppers, hatch chilies, and for a bit of a burn, habanero to make for a very exciting treat.

Now, for the piece de resistance—are you ready for this?


Some of you may have heard of something like this in the past, but if you are like me, you are assuming that this is some blend of spices and tofu, or maybe even seaweed. While I have tried my fair share of tofu jerky, nothing quite compares to the vegan jerky that can be found at Jojo’s and it is because Jojo’s is made from….are you ready for this? CACTUS!

Made with the same delicious seasonings that you will find the beef products made with, you won’t be disappointed with a bit of cactus jerky.

There are some wonderful perks about joining my Foodie Friends and me on a foodie tour. Here at Jojo’s, we are going to relish in some mouthwatering marinades, finger-licking nuts, and delightful beefy bites. Not only will we get to savor the best jerky in town, but this spot is also a great spot for buying a “while I was in Vegas” gift for a friend or family member. Would you rather spend your money on man’s best friend? Jojo’s is the place for you as you are able to buy unique doggy treats for your four-legged buddy. The bonus is, by being my Foodie Friend you get a special discount on your purchases!

Alright, have you grabbed your sample? How about buying a couple of bags “for the road”, so to speak? Now, follow me as I delight your mind as much as I delight your palate.

A “One of a Kind” City

The best thing about Las Vegas is that no matter where you go, you are almost certain to find something that you can’t see anywhere else. Not only have I shown you to the Downtown Container Park, which is a concept that you can’t really find anywhere else, I want you to see some truly amazing sights and that is going to start with our local insect life. Like everything in Vegas, our bugs, particularly our Praying Mantis, are larger than life.

I Don’t Mean to Bug You…

Don’t worry you haven’t stepped into an episode of The Twilight Zone. When I talk about our big bug, I really mean only one, not a swarm of Praying Mantes wreaking havoc on the city. This 40-foot long metal mantis overlooks the Downtown Container Park. Built for the shenanigans found at Burning Man, this steel-girded goliath sits atop a dump truck and gazes down upon us. That’s not all, catch this beast at the right time of day and this praying mantis shoots flames out of its antennae!

Are You a Believer?

Next, I want to bring some faith into your life. The Hand of Faith, that is. Found in the 1980s in Victoria, Australia, a man was doing some prospecting in his backyard. A mere twelve inches beneath the surface of the ground, he found this 61-pound block of solid gold! Named for its interesting shape which some believe truly looks like a hand and others believe emulates the majesty of worship you get to join me today to see this treasure which was purchased for a staggering $1,000,000!

Where Will We Go Next?!

There is so much to be found in my beautiful city and I can’t wait for you to let me and my Foodie Friends show you the Taste Buzz Experience!

Have I intrigued you enough to come and see what Downtown Delights we can offer you?

Are you ready to see what the buzz is all about?!

Book now and we’ll see you soon!


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