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Two Amazing Vegas Restaurants from the Foodie Tour on the Strip

Hi, I’m Kathryn, your Foodie Friend! I’m here to give you a little taste of what to expect by joining one of my fellow foodie friends, or myself, on a Taste Buzz Food Tour. Join us every week and sneak a bite of what our daily vegas food tour can offer you on your next Vegas vacation. We’ll keep your “Taste Buzz” singin’!

As a foodie, I find myself to be super passionate about delicious eats. Further, there is nothing I like quite as much as sharing a meal with great company. Here is a little slice of what you can expect if you join my team and me on a trip around the Vegas Strip.

What’s on the menu?

This week, I ‘m going to introduce you to two more of the restaurants that you will have the enjoyment of tasting when you join me on my Foodie Tour on the Strip.

An Entrée…

For our first taste experience, we will be enjoying a sample from this farm-to-table dining.  The chef in this eatery takes a special interest in the food that is served at his table.

The fare here is designed to satisfy while keeping your diet in mind. Furthermore, a strong focus is placed on organic dishes that can be sourced from local gardens. The chef personally inspects the fresh vegetables to ensure that vibrant and complex flavors are able to shine through with simple and natural ingredients.

His passion and appreciation for fresh cuisine come from his personal experiences with farmers, foragers, and fishermen. As his career has flourished, he has become an advocate for the use of sustainable proteins and near-to-home agriculture.

#1 Rated Las Vegas Food Tour

So, what does this mean for diners?  Dining here means fresh. Dining here means unique. Dining here means satisfying.  

Dinner is Served.

While the menu is fairly firm, there is some leniency. With the dedication to the use of fresh ingredients, there is a measure of variability due to the seasonality of the produce. With this variation, we also will get a surprise as to what we are going to be sampling. What is fresh in the market will be fresh on the table, that day!

A few dishes that can be found here, however, are bound to please your palate if you choose to come back for the joy of a sit-down meal.

With regard to starters, this dining experience offers an array of choices. From the garden, diners may enjoy a delightful garden gazpacho. Or, from the sea, a bit of pizzazz with spicy tuna avocado toast.  Last, but definitely not least, a smoked prosciutto flatbread platter.

For the main course, one will not walk away hungry after savoring the offerings of rainbow trout, braised eggplant, or the 14oz. grilled ribeye steak. The food here is so delicious I am getting hungry just telling you about it!

While the main course is the star of the show, I feel that it can truly only shine when paired with a side of a similar caliber. Alongside the dishes previously mentioned, don’t forget to try the mushroom risotto, truffle fries, or the ever classic, mashed potatoes.

With the multitude of choice flavors, we will leave our sampling option to Chef and let him please our taste buds that day.  Also, bring your camera and be ready to say “Cheese!” as Chef takes special pleasure in making memories with my foodie friends!

And dessert!

The next stop that I am going to talk to you about on our journey ‘round The Strip is a sweets bistro.  After filling our imaginary food bellies with the plethora of culinary delights above, it is only natural that we close out the taste adventure with dessert!

This dessert café offers your traditional French patisserie with a charming mix of macarons on display. If chocolate is more your style, that is ok too as this sweet spot operates as a chocolaterie!

One of the main sweets served out of this sugar lovers paradise is the Italy-inspired gelato. For those of you that aren’t familiar with gelato, I will give you a little bit of information. Many people think that gelato is just ice cream in Italy however, there is one major difference. Gelato is made with less fat, such as that in the cream content found in other traditional ice creams. The result of this is a denser, fuller flavored frozen dessert.  We will come back to gelato, but I want to talk about coffee.

I feel that one of the best things to follow a rich dinner, and a sweet dessert is a nice steaming cup of coffee. Not only are you able to satiate that need for a sweet finish, but that extra shot of caffeine will help round out your supper. What do you think? Well, while you are here you can try one of a multitude of coffee flavors, or stick to a single espresso.

Magnifico Finale!

If you can’t decide if you want dessert AND coffee, let me introduce you to an affogato.  While it may sound like ‘avocado’ this is nothing like our favorite soft-fleshed green fruit. No, no! An affogato is an Italian treat of gelato (see, I told you we would get back to the gelato?!) with a shot of espresso poured over it. The Italians got it right with this coffee float! While historically served with vanilla gelato, the vast flavor options are open to you. Go ahead, eat up, make everyone jealous of your spin on this sugary masterpiece!

Foodie friends posing for a photo in front of the High Roller at the Linq Promenade on a private food tour in Las Vegas
Foodie friends posing for a photo in front of the High Roller at the Linq Promenade on a private food tour in Las Vegas

Arrivederci! (Goodbye, in Italiano), For Now…

Well, this is the end of The Foodie Tour on the Strip! I hope that your appetites are intrigued by all the delightful flavors that my team and I can show you!

Are you not finished with your Foodie Fun?! Good! Neither am we.

Come back again and you can join me on one of my other tours and enjoy some Downtown Delights!

Are you ready to see what the buzz is all about on our Las Vegas Food Tour?!

See you soon!


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