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There are many advantages that come along with going on a professional food tour. We offer a selection of food tours to ensure that you can obtain the right food tour for your Las Vegas experience. Our Downtown Delights Foodie Tour takes place on Fremont Street, which provides you with unique insight into the history of Las Vegas. This is a true one-of-a-kind experience to complement your Vegas adventure.

Downtown Delights Foodie Tour

Our Downtown Delights Foodie Tour provides you with an inside look at the culinary scene of Downtown Las Vegas. This is a perfect blend of Old Las Vegas and the trendy local scene of the area. Our excellent foodie friends will help to ensure that you get an inside peek into local life and the ideal foodie destinations in the Downtown area. You can expect to see an array of locations, from mom-and-pop-shops to trendy restaurants throughout your food tour with us. When you take our Downtown Delights Foodie Tour, you will visit up to 4 locations, with between 2 to 3 tastings at each location. Each of these tastings will exhibit what is special about each of these stops!

Mixing History and Foodie Favorites

One of the major advantages of our Downtown Delights Foodie Tour is that it provides you with a unique blend of history and incredible foodie locations. This tour allows you to take a stroll down the very first paved street in Las Vegas. Your foodie friend will even take a souvenir photo for you so you can remember your food tour with us for years to come! When you take the Downtown Delights Foodie Tour, you will get to see the well-known Vegas lights and entertainment, as well as experience some off-the-beaten-path areas for an insider peek at the local scene.

The Downtown Delights Foodie Tour is about 3 hours long. You can expect to walk about 1.5 miles in one direction throughout the tour. We focus on smaller groups, a maximum of 12 people, to ensure that you can have a personalized, incredible experience. It is a good idea to check the weather before your tour so that you can dress appropriately and stay comfortable throughout the tour. You can be confident that you will have enough tastings to satisfy your appetite! Though we recommend bringing a water bottle during the walk, you will also be able to buy beverages at the stops along the way.

Get Familiar with Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas is where famous Las Vegas began! This area is commonly referred to as DTLV or Old Vegas. Downtown Las Vegas is where all of the very first hotels and casinos are located, such as the Golden Nugget, the Plaza, and the El Cortez. The Downtown Project actually began in DTLV about 10 years ago and is considered by many to be the “Revitalization of Downtown.” This area is abundant in arts, culture, history, and best of all, food!

Downtown Delights and City Sights

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The Downtown Delights Foodie Tour isn’t the only option available to experience the culinary scene in DTLV! We have partnered with Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters to offer you an incredible night in downtown Las Vegas! This package includes both our Downtown Las Vegas Foodie Tour and a Strip Helicopter Ride. You start this experience off with a food tour with us, where you’ll get to explore Downtown Vegas and Fremont Street. After this, a stretch limo takes you to your breathtaking helicopter ride over the Strip.

#1 Rated Las Vegas Food Tour

You can take our downtown sightseeing and foodie tour or you can combine it with a helicopter package! When you join us at Taste Buzz Food Tours, you will get to have the perfect experience during your night out in Las Vegas. To learn more about our food tour options and the exciting experience you will have, contact us at Taste Buzz Food Tours today!

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