Solo Travel: 12 Incredibly Fun Things To Do In Las Vegas 

Solo travelers looking for things to do in Las Vegas don’t have to look far for a good time. Las Vegas has everything you could want when traveling alone. It has food tours, social activities, and fun classes that give you a sense of community – even when flying solo! We also have some great hidden gems throughout the city if you are looking for a more relaxing time away from the crowds. 

Want to know how to do Vegas solo? Keep reading for the 12 best things to do in Las Vegas and what makes this city the perfect place to explore!

# 1 Explore Fremont Street On A Foodie Tour

When most people think about things to do in Las Vegas, they think about the resorts and casinos on the Strip. Exploring the main drag is super exciting but you might be looking for fun things to do in Las Vegas that aren’t as well known or touristic. 

The Fremont Street Experience has been a local favorite for decades. It has everything from  concerts, neon signs, and some of the best food you can find in Las Vegas! If you want to streamline your experience to get the most out of it, come take a Downtown Delights Foodie Tour with Taste Buzz! We take you to our favorite local downtown spots for some one-of-a-kind eats you’re going to love. 

Neon sign of a cowboy smiling and waving on Fremont Street.
Checking out the neon signs on Fremont Street like the famous Vegas Vic is one of the many fun things to do in Las Vegas!

# 2 Take An Insanely Tasty Cooking Class 

The Vegas food scene is one of the greatest in America. If you are looking to learn from some of the best chefs in town, check out a Master Class at the Wynn. One of the famous chefs in the area will teach the course, making it an extra special experience. Attendees of the class get to learn how to prepare meals that are sure to impress friends and family back home.

Local-Tip: These classes fill up fast and it can be difficult to get a spot so make sure to contact them early. To make a reservation, you can call Wynn Concierge at (702) 770-7070 or email them at

#1 Rated Las Vegas Food Tour
A woman makes pasta from scratch using fresh eggs and flour.

Need a great local vegetarian option? Try checking out the Vegan Culinary School for vegan and vegetarian-friendly cooking classes.

# 3 Make New Friends Through A Las Vegas Meetup

In the age of technology, there are a bunch of great ways to meet new people with similar interests as our own. One great option for making new friends in the area is to check out a Las Vegas Meetup group. They have a group for pretty much every interest. So whether you like music, bar hopping, sports, karaoke or anything in between – you’ll find a group perfect for you!  

A woman wearing a pink shirt sings into a microphone surrounded by friends during one of the best things to do in Las Vegas, karaoke!

# 4 Book Your Next Las Vegas Hotel In A Social Spot 

Want to make fast friends? Try staying in a hotel or hostel that hosts different events throughout the week. The benefit of staying in a resort with an attached casino is that you can always go to a social card table and chat with the other players. 

If gambling isn’t really your thing, or if you are looking to save money, try staying in a hostel like Bungalows. There is a lounge area with outdoor games and activities where you can mingle with other guests. You also have the option of sharing a room with other people so you can make instant friends with your new roommates. If you are a solo female traveler, look for the all-female room options for an added sense of safety and camaraderie! 

# 5 Embrace A Few Of The Playful Things To Do In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a fun place to explore on your own. In addition to all the great sightseeing spots, there are also a bunch of playful arcades to explore. Local favorites include The Nerd, Game Nest Arcade, and The Pinball Hall of Fame

If you are looking to make a few friends while playing a game, try shooting a round of pool at a local spot like Griffs or Good Timez. If you’ve never played before, Good Timez also often offers a Groupon for lessons from a professional instructor! 

# 6 Discover Vibrant Murals In Local Neighborhoods 

If you love checking out local art and beautiful murals, then you are going to want to see the Las Vegas Arts District. It is one of the coolest neighborhoods with a bunch of great locally-owned shops, restaurants, and bars. 

One of our favorite things to do in Las Vegas is check out the breweries along Main Street. In between stops, we look for new murals in the area and stop into fun restaurants for a bite to eat. If you’d like to see where the best places are and even get to taste something delicious from them, then check out our Arts District Foodie Tour

Not only do you get to try food prepared by local chefs, you’ll get a detailed run down of where else to eat, drink, and explore from one of our talented guides!  

A woman traveler pointing to the "Welcome to Las Vegas" mural located in The Arts District.
This is just one of the amazing murals you’ll see on our Arts District Foodie Tour!

# 7 Spend Time In The Surrounding Las Vegas Nature 

Sometimes taking a break from the city lights can be super refreshing. Whether it is taking a stroll through nature along the Oak Creek trail or kayaking the Emerald Cave with a guided tour – there is much to do for nature lovers! 

Another great option is to go horseback riding in Red Rock. Locals and visitors alike love getting out on the trail and finishing off the day with an all-American BBQ in the desert.   

# 8 Indulge Yourself With A Mouthwatering Treat 

After a long day in the Las Vegas heat, it can be really nice to sit down for something sweet. Everyone loves to cool off with ice cream from Frost N’ Roll or Love It Frozen Custard. Or, if you are looking for something buttery and flakey, Pop ‘n Pies is a locally-run small business that takes online orders for some ridiculously delicious pies.

Pop n' Pies owner, Andrea McLean, showing off one of her famous pies in a box with the lid open.

# 9 Experience One Of Las Vegas’ Famous Shows 

It wouldn’t be Vegas without the entertainment. From musicians to magicians, seeing a show is one of the most fun things to do in Las Vegas. A great place to check out upcoming acts is There you can find everything you could imagine. 

There might be a Motown show, a country concert, and even a circus happening while you are here. So whatever you are into, you’ll find something fun to watch in Las Vegas!  Some favorites here at Taste Buzz are Piff The Magic Dragon for a night of comedy or the wholesome Mac King Magic Show. Another great magician to check out is Matt Franco. He is known for his talent as a magician and his ability to make personal connections with the audience. Even if you are traveling alone, you’ll feel right at home at one of his shows!

Magician sends a deck of cards from one hand to another looking as if they are suspended in mid-air.

If you are looking for something a little less PG and a lot more rowdy, then definitely check out the Absinthe variety show.

Local Tip: Head to the Bellagio Fountain for an exciting free water show! For updated dates and times, check out Bellagio’s website!

# 10 Get Lost In An Exciting Poolside Book  

Need a little rest and recovery during your next Las Vegas vacation? Why not head to one of the more laid-back pools for a day of sunbathing and reading. Green Valley Ranch and The M are good for hanging out without too much of a party vibe. The Golden Nugget is another great option with a shark tank and paid entry Monday – Thursday if you aren’t staying at the hotel. 

Need new book recommendations before your trip? Check out What Should I Read Next.  Type in a book you’ve enjoyed in the past and it generates a reading list based on your interests! 

A woman sitting by the pool while drinking water from a straw and reading a book.

# 11 Dive Into The Mesmerizing Art Of Glassblowing 

Over the past few years, glassblowing has gained a lot of attention – and for good reason! The fun activity lets you tap into your creative side while mindfully making something new. Two great places to check out classes are Domsky which is a 7 min drive from the Strip and LeFrancis Studios about 15 min away. 

Both places offer exciting workshops where you learn about the process and technique for creating glass art. They will also help you understand everything you need to maintain a safe workspace while working with heat. As a bonus, if you have tried glassblowing before, there are also options for more intermediate classes to advance your skills!  

# 12 Find Fun Things To Do In Las Vegas Off The Strip 

Las Vegas is known for its entertainment, gambling, and wild nightlife but it is so much more than that! There are so many fun things to do in Las Vegas off the Strip. There are gorgeous day trips from Vegas, local craft fairs, and even nearby ghost towns! Want to learn more? Check out our post on finding things to do in Las Vegas off the Strip

Better yet, come take a walking food tour with us! The Taste Buzz tour guides know the city like the back of their hands and love sharing their knowledge with others. When you take a tour with Taste Buzz Las Vegas, you’ll get to try different food from hidden spots most tourists will never get to see. Your guide will also give you the inside scoop on local events and happenings so you can get the true Las Vegas experience. We can’t wait to show you around our town! 

Two Taste Buzz Las Vegas tour guides strike a pose while eating Mexican food on a foodie tour.
We love sharing stories, food, and laughter on our tours!

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