Four friends eating and drinking at an Off Strip Las Vegas brewery

Las Vegas Off The Strip: A Local’s Guide

While Las Vegas is known for bringing in tourists with resorts and casinos, there is more of a local side to the city you won’t want to miss during your trip. Each neighborhood has something great to offer. There is an amazing foodie crowd, creative artists, and a trailblazing craft beer scene to explore. Not to mention a bunch of fun outdoor activities. We’ve rounded up our favorite local spots and even a few Las Vegas day trips that get you off the Strip and into the real Nevada.

# 1 Go Off The Beaten Path And Discover Hidden Murals 

One of our favorite free things to do is walk around the lesser-known Las Vegas Arts District neighborhood. While we are there, we love looking for new murals and art installations. This area is one of the best Las Vegas hidden gems worth exploring, especially when the Strip gets too crowded in the summer. It is nice to get away from the main drag and see how the people who actually live in Vegas like to spend their time. 

This area is also home to some of the most unique and creative restaurants in Las Vegas. You can try different tastings at these great spots and be guided to all the beautiful murals with our Arts District Foodie Tours! Our guests consist of locals and tourists alike. A few have even said that a tour with Taste Buzz Las Vegas is a “great break from the casinos” and an “amazing way to see the Arts District in Vegas!”

A large group on a Taste Buzz food tour stands in front of a cat mural in the Arts District located in Las Vegas off the Strip.
Taste Buzz customers love seeing the Off-Strip Las Vegas art on our tours!

# 2 Take A Fun Day Trip To A Nearby Attraction

Another thing we love to do is head somewhere nearby to take photos and have lunch. There are many different Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas that run throughout the week if you are looking for something quick and all-inclusive. You can also rent a car and drive out to your destination so you can make as many detours as you want along the way.

A few of our other favorite areas to explore include Lake Havasu and Zion National Park. These are a little further out but are 100% worth the drive. Both are scenic spots with lots of space to camp, kayak and explore! 

If you are looking for an adventure that is closer to the city, there are many options.  Seven Magic Mountains is a fun and colorful art installation for taking photos. If you are more into hiking, Mt. Charleston offers stunning waterfalls like the Mary Jane Falls and Big Falls. A local tip for these falls is to visit them during the early summer when they are really flowing. 

#1 Rated Las Vegas Food Tour
Crystal clear water running from Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon near Las Vegas.
Day trips from Las Vegas like Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon are a great way to get off the Strip!

# 3 Find Unique Gifts At A Local Craft Market 

If you are looking for a souvenir that is a little more personal than the generic ones you find at tourist traps, you’re in luck! Las Vegas has some of the best craft markets around. LV Craft Shows is an award-winning organization that brings together local crafters, creators, and artists in one place. 

This is a fun place to walk around and find unique gifts and souvenirs to bring home with you. The best part is, you are helping out Las Vegas small business owners and local creatives as you shop!  

# 4 Walk The Famous Brewery Row 

One of the things Las Vegas locals pride themselves on is our growing craft beer scene. Located in the Arts District, Brewery Row runs through the main streets of the neighborhood. It includes amazing breweries like CraftHaus, Tenaya Creek, and many more. There are also a few tap rooms worth stopping into as well, especially if you enjoy collaboration beers! We like starting at Able Baker Brewing and then working our way up following the Brewery Row Map!  

Even if you aren’t much of a beer fan, most of the breweries carry ciders, soft drinks, and food. Another option is to stop into Garagiste for a delicious charcuterie and wine! 

Four friends enjoying a beer and tacos on a Taste Buzz food tour that took them to breweries in Las Vegas off the Strip.
Taste Buzz Foodies can try local beer while enjoying delicious food on our tours!

# 5 Spend A Lazy Day At A Nearby Park 

Whether you are looking for a place to have a cozy mid-day picnic or if you want to host a game day with a few friends, there are so many fun spots to pick from! Two of our favorites are Cornerstone Park and the Arroyo Grande Sports Complex & Pittman Wash Trail in Henderson. Cornerstone is a fun spot to play sand volleyball or take a walk around the lake. The path is also paved which makes it accessible for everyone!

A little bit to the north of Cornerstone Park is the Arroyo Grande Sports Complex & Pittman Wash Trail. This nearby park has disc golf and baseball fields that are great for keeping everyone in the group busy – especially kids! 

If you are looking for a park that is a bit closer to the city, Container Park is a great place for everyone. There are a bunch of bars, restaurants, and local startups in the park where you can grab food and sit outside. If you are looking for a park that is a bit closer to the city, Container Park is a great place for everyone.

There are a bunch of bars, restaurants, and local startups in the park where you can grab food and sit outside. Before 9pm, the park is kid-friendly with a bunch of fun things to explore like a giant praying mantis and a playground.

Taste Buzz Food Group tour standing in front of a giant colorful praying mantis sculpture.
Taste Buzz groups get to eat great food and explore local attractions!

# 6 Skip The Strip & Spend A Night Under The Stars

One of the best things about being in a desert community is getting to see the sparkling night sky. Unfortunately, when you stay on the Strip or live in the city, some of the neon signs create light pollution and make it difficult to see the stars above.

If you are looking for a truly magical experience, we suggest staying out of the city and under the desert skies of Red Rock. We love heading out this way whenever we need to recharge. We either do a staycation at the Red Rock Resort or really get away from it all at the Red Rock Campground. If you like walking, this also brings you close to some of the best hiking trails in The West. 

If you are looking for a truly unique experience, why not try glamping with Cherry Cloud Oasis? This off-the grid adventure is the perfect way to disconnect from tech and reconnect with friends and family. Gather together to create, recover, and enjoy panoramic views you won’t find anywhere else.

# 7 Volunteer With A Local NonProfit 

Most people might not think of volunteering while on vacation, but we’ve found it is one of the best ways to experience what a community is really like. You’ll meet locals, learn about the neighborhood, and you’ll get to feel good about giving back while on vacation! 

Here are a few of our favorite volunteer opportunities in Las Vegas:  

  • Nevada Preservation Foundation is an organization focused on preserving historic buildings, communities, and places around Las Vegas and Nevada. Our tour guide, April, has volunteered with them since 2019!
  • Get Outdoors Nevada hosts trail cleanups throughout the state. This includes urban spaces, local parks, and more!
  • Three Square is a member of Feeding America and puts together meals for the children, seniors, and families that need them most.
  • Connor & Millie’s Dog Rescue takes in senior and special needs dogs so they can be given the love and services they need.
A Taste Buzz employee gives a speech to locals at a volunteer event for the Nevada Preservation Foundation.
The tour guides at Taste Buzz love being part of the local Las Vegas community!

# 8 Soak Up The Sun While Out On The Water  

The desert heat can sometimes get to you – especially in the summer. That is why many locals head to the lakes to cool off and relax. 

Lake Mead is easy to get to and has a pirate-themed restaurant called the Harbor House that is fun for the whole family. They also have fun dinner cruises that take you around the lake and near the Hoover Dam while you enjoy delicious food and drink with your friends. 

Another great nearby spot to rent kayaks and paddle around is Lake Las Vegas. After a day on the water, it is a nice treat to cool off with ice cream from BellaLinda Gelateria Italiana

# 9 Explore A Nearby American Ghost Town

If you have time and love seeing pieces of history frozen in time, head to one of the famous ghost towns of Nevada. Nelson is one of the most popular to visit because it is only a quick 45-minute drive from the Vegas Strip. Along the way, you’ll see beautiful landscapes and cacti but the real treat is once you get to the abandoned town. 

You can walk around on your own or take a guided tour into the Eldorado Canyon Mine. This is fun at any age and you can even rent a BBQ area with your group if you want to cook up a rustic meal in a truly unique space. 

# 10 Try Exciting New Restaurants In Las Vegas Off The Strip

There seems to be a new restaurant opening up every week in Las Vegas. It can be hard to find the ones worth going to. As locals, we love spending time in our city and eating new, creative foods with a local flair. Las Vegas residents and visitors alike love coming on our tours because we are constantly researching and updating our tours. 

Our guides and the owner of Taste Buzz are all locals living in the Las Vegas area. We love sharing our tips on where to go, what to eat, and what to do while in our city. When you come on a tour with us, you are getting more than tastings. You are getting the inside scoop on everything about Las Vegas. 

Join us on one of our foodie tours to taste your way through Las Vegas while getting the best tips and tricks on how to do Vegas the local way!

Tour guides Jim and April stand smiling in front of a table of happy guests on a food tour.
The Taste Buzz Food Tour team can’t wait to show you around and give you more ideas for Las Vegas Off the Strip!

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