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10 Vegas Legends To Visit On International Women’s Day

With International Women’s Day coming up on March 8th, we wanted to give a huge shout-out to the local ladies of Vegas. While Vegas might have gotten its nickname “Sin City” from when the boys ran the town, it has been getting a much-needed makeover in recent years. Local entrepreneurs and shop owners have helped make the city a fun place for all travelers looking to safely explore.  

If you are planning a girls’ trip in Las Vegas and want more options than gambling and strip clubs, I’ve got you covered. As a local business owner myself, I know where the best locally-run spots are. We are part of a tight-knit community that loves sharing our city with locals and visitors alike. When you come to one of our shops, bars, or restaurants, you can be confident that you are supporting something great.  

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What is International Women’s Day? 

According to International Women’s Day’s website, “International Women’s Day (IWD) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.” 

Over the years, we’ve made leaps and bounds in Las Vegas and want to celebrate the amazing achievements of our women entrepreneurs. Keep reading for our list of fun Vegas spots where innovative women are making big waves on the scene. 

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# 1 Explore Hidden Menus With Secret Burger

Run by the multi-talented, Jolene Maninna, Secret Burger is a must-try program. The concept was designed to give chefs the opportunity to show their creative side. It also allows them to provide customers with a one-of-a-kind experience.

You can reserve off-the-menu dishes from locally famous spots to world-renowned restaurants. For upcoming test kitchens, pop-ups, and events in Las Vegas check out their Instagram

#1 Rated Las Vegas Food Tour

# 2 Enjoy A Delicious Desert At Pop n Pies

Pop n Pies was created and grew as a way to keep people connected during uncertain times. When the pandemic closed most restaurants, pastry check Andrea Mclean wanted to keep giving the community something sweet to look forward to. So she started making pies for her friends and family. This quickly grew into a highly celebrated pie delivery service in the Las Vegas area! 

Now, you can also find her pies by the slice at the Vegas Test Kitchen or order them online. Another option is to take a food tour with us. Taste Buzz is woman-run, and we stop off to try some of Andrea’s famous pies! 

The owner of Taste Buzz Las Vegas and another tour guide eating Mexican food at one of the restaurants on the tour.

# 3 Be Transported To Italy At Brezza Restaurant

For a truly unique experience, head to Brezza Las Vegas. Their, chef Nicole Brisson is whipping up elevated coastal Italian cuisine. Her impressive dishes are a result of her culinary upbringing and her time spent studying under world-renowned chefs in Italy. 

Chef Brisson has another restaurant in the works with Jason Rocheleau that will be geared toward the off-Strip community. Make sure to be on the lookout for Amari at UnCommons where the food will be fresh and the antipasti will be locally sourced! 

# 4 Taste Vietnamese Comfort Food At The Black Sheep 

Lovers of Top Chef might notice a fan favorite, Jamie Tran at The Black Sheep. As chef and owner of the restaurant, Jamie has taken Vietnamese comfort food to a whole new level. From her flavorful poached pear salad to warming slow-braised short rib, every bite is an experience of its own. 

You can find the Black Sheep menu online or stay posted on restaurant events and new dishes by connecting with them on Instagram

# 5 Experience Culinary Magic at La Strega 

One step into Gina Marinelli’s restaurant, La Strega, and you will be spellbound. Not only is the interior warm and welcoming, but the food is also some of the best in town. 

If you’ve ever read the children’s book Strega Nona, you might know that La Strega means “The Witch” in Italian folklore. Call it witchcraft, magic, or pure genius – Marinelli’s restaurant is a unique spot to dig into creative takes on traditional Italian fare. 

If steak is more your speed, you can also visit another Marinelli spot in Downtown Summerlin called Harlo Steakhouse & Bar. This is an elegant spot perfect for wine and a refreshing take on Italian meats. 

# 6 Sip Whimsical Cocktails At The Velveteen Rabbit 

One of my favorite spots to enjoy craft cocktails and snap a few photos is the Velveteen Rabbit in the Arts District. Spearheaded by sisters Christina and Pamela Dylag, this cocktail bar is an exciting experience every time I go in. They combine an eclectic aesthetic with seasonal drinks to make keep the vibe fresh and fun. 

A great thing about this place is that even if someone in your group doesn’t drink, they can still have fun. Velveteen Rabit has a solid list of craft non-alcoholic drinks for the sober ladies out there. They are an incredibly innovative local space. Your group will love to check out their newest drinks and enjoy the local art! 

Four women making a toast with craft cocktails. 

# 7 Share European Dishes With Friends At Forte Tapas 

Run by Bulgarian-born chef, Nina Manchev, Forte Tapas is a mouthwatering spot I love taking friends and family to. The restaurant has a lively atmosphere that makes going out to eat fun for everyone. 

Nina is also very well known in the Vegas foodie scene. As a young female entrepreneur, she opened Forte Tapas in her 20s and has seen it grow in popularity ever since. During the pandemic, she even hosted virtual cooking classes where she walked people through some of her favorite recipes! She has a way of connecting people through exciting food and shared experiences.

If you stop in, be sure to try the khachapuri. This cheese-filled bread has quickly become one of my favorite comfort foods in Las Vegas! 

Khachapuri bread filled with cheese and egg on top
Khachapuri bread filled with cheese and egg on top

# 8 Brunch It Up At EAT 

Chef Natalie Young is known for her friendly and inviting attitude. EAT is a reflection of that. Each item on the menu brings a high-quality taste that feeds your soul. With comforting favorites like grilled cheese and soup, this is a great place to stop in and eat like a local. 

I like to head here whenever I’m planning brunch with friends. Their pancakes really help to start the day off right. It is always nice to treat yourself to good conversation and great food first thing in the morning! 

# 9 Savor Fresh Salsa At Letty’s de Laticia 

If it weren’t for the beautiful murals on the building, you might miss this Arts District superstar. Located on South Main Street, Letty’s is serving up some seriously delicious stuff. They’ve got all the traditional Mexican classics and a few modern takes as well. This is a must-try spot if you are looking for the best freshly made salsa and guacamole in town. 

 It all comes down to owner and chef Leticia Mitchell’s commitment to fresh ingredients and feeding the community. I love coming in here because I almost always run into a friend or family member while I’m eating. If you want to know where the locals go, this is the place. 

Chips, salsa, and guacamole at a restaurant

# 10 Find The Hidden Speakeasy, Here Kitty Kitty  

If you’ve worked in the Vegas hospitality industry, you’ve probably heard of Juyoung Kang. She’s had an impressive career as a bartender and mixologist all throughout the city. I even had the pleasure of working with her back at the Dorsey when we were opening crew mixologists.

Now she teaches Cocktail classes for the Life Is Beautiful Cocktail School, has created a mint syrup bar ingredient for Cocktail Atist premium mixes, and is making waves as the lead bartender for Zouk Group’s Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den

To find the speakeasy-type cocktail bar, head to Resorts World and look for Fuhu Cha Chan Teng. Once you’re there, look for the shelves with a golden cat sitting on them – that’s the door! Make sure to try one of their elevated craft cocktails to really get the full experience.  

Celebrating The Local Ladies of Las Vegas 

Vegas might have been a male-dominated scene in the past, but these strong women chefs, mixologists, and entrepreneurs have been shaking things up lately. Any one of their places is a great place to stop in celebrate their accomplishments for International Women’s Day in Vegas! 

Want a tour of Las Vegas run by someone born and raised in town? My Taste Buzz food tours take you to all my favorite places in the city while giving you the nitty gritty details on how it became the Vegas you see today. Check out the different neighborhood tours to see which one is right for you! 

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