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The Ultimate Guide To Las Vegas Food Tours

Half the fun of an adventure is immersing yourself in the sights, sounds, smells, feels, and (of course) tastes of your destination. But before you book your tickets, you deserve to prepare yourself to have the best experience possible. That’s why in this article we’re going to give you a comprehensive guide of what to look for and what to expect from your Las Vegas food tours.

First Off, What Makes A Foodie?

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Have you ever wondered if you are what is so lovingly called a “foodie?” Generally speaking, the only true criteria is simply loving food and claiming the title. But if you feel like you need a little more self-convincing, here are some ways to be sure:

  • Do you want to have new experiences? If so, then you’re well on your way
  • Do you subscribe to food magazines or are constantly browsing new recipes online?
  • You look for a good hotel when you travel, of course. But you spend just as much time, if not more, browsing the eateries around the area
  • Do you often talk to friends and families about a new or longtime favorite place to eat? Does your conversation often end up at a dish that makes your mouth water? A true-blue foodie loves food-talk (could that be called “dishing?”).
  • You enjoy grocery shopping. For some people, it’s a chore, and one they can’t wait to be finished with. But for a foodie, it’s a chance to find new ideas for things to try
  • Are you a meal planner? Do you like sitting down and thinking about what you want to make over the course of the next week? If you get excited about cooking, you might very well be a foodie
  • Do you leave parties talking about the food? No one can blame you. Delicious bites are a crucial part of any party or get-together.
  • Is your social media a food haven? Who can resist hitting the “like” button for A+ photos of mouthwatering bites? If you find that the majority of your feed (no pun intended) is food, then yeah, you’re definitely a foodie
  • Food and holidays go together like campfires and smores. But if you fantasize about holiday meals, that’s a surefire sign of foodie-ism.
  • Does your “want to buy” list include kitchen appliances because you want them and not because it’s a necessity? If you want to make sure you have all the tools to make whatever new recipe takes your fancy, then you’re on the right track
  • Is your spice cabinet overflowing? Nothing says foodie like a collection of diverse spices. Bonus points if you sometimes open the cupboard just to get a whiff of that little army
  • You’re the go-to restaurant of your friends. Foodies always know the hole-in-the-wall hotspots of cuisine and can often sniff out an amazing joint like it’s nobody’s business. If you’re the authority on food stops, you’re a foodie.
  • If you know all the pronunciations, then it’s no question. Terminology like Pots de Crème, Pâte à choux, and more are no trouble for you to say, whether gained by constantly making such things or else a longstanding subscription to the Great British Baking Show.
  • Do you allocate a large part of your budget for food? If you make eating for pleasure a priority, you’re totally a foodie.

Whether you’ve checked all the boxes or just a few, you don’t have to have a doubt that you’re a foodie. And every foodie loves a good food tour.

What Makes Las Vegas Food Tours Great?

Of all activities, why should you try a food tour? In all honesty, there are quite a few reasons:

  • It’s an introduction to the city unlike any other. Here you get to be guided through Las Vegas by a local, experiencing the sights as well as the tastes of the Entertainment Capital of the World
  • Find new favorite joints. Why spend your vacation eating at the places you can get at home? Immerse yourself in Vegas by eating at places you can only find in Vegas.
  • Make memories. You’ve heard that food is often tied to memories, right? We believe that’s true, which is why we want to give you unforgettable moments tied to mouthwatering cuisine.

Your Guide Should Know The Ropes

The right guide can make or break a food tour by their composure, their knowledge, and the mood they set for the group at large. Overly-stiff guides tend to squeeze the spontaneity of the adventure, while inexperienced guides often cause you to miss out on opportunities to really live in the moment.

A food tour should be led by an experienced guide that knows the area so well that they could walk it blindfolded, that way they can get you where you need to be without feeling rushed or herded. What’s the fun of a tour where you’re just being shuffled along from place to place? 

A great Las Vegas food guide should combine two important qualities:

  • Knowledge about good food, so that you can savor the best flavors
  • Knowledge about Las Vegas, so that you know you’re getting a genuine experience

Nobody wants to be guided by a robot, whose scripted performance leads to a generic assembly-line experience. The best guides are driven by a love of food and Las Vegas that encourages every interaction to be enthusiastic while also allowing you to relax at the same time.

How Big Should A Las Vegas Food Tour Group Be?

Who wants to find themselves being elbowed on either side by complete strangers? The size of your group should be more comfortable, giving you the freedom to ask questions, engage in discussions, and be able to savor the food instead of being ushered right on through.

  • It’s a general rule of thumb that the best food tours have groups of 12, maximum. This allows for large enough groups to have a lot of energy without sacrificing a personalized experience
  • Smaller groups also come with the advantage of giving you more time to actually relax and enjoy yourself at each location
  • The food quality is much better in smaller groups as well, because the food can be more directly catered to you rather than being mass-produced

You should always be on the lookout for food tours that only allow group sizes of a maximum of 12 people.

How Can You Prepare?

You want everything to go smoothly on a food tour. Who doesn’t? Thankfully, there are things you can do to maximize the experience and make it as comfortable for yourself as possible:

Don’t Forget To Check The Weather

Watch the forecast for the day of your tour and make sure you dress appropriately the day of. Don’t run the chance of being too warm or cold by outfitting yourself properly for the weather.

Mind Your Shoes

Speaking of dressing appropriately, make sure that your shoes are comfortable. Food tours are walking tours in order to give you the greatest opportunities for sightseeing. Skip the chances of giving yourself a blister by wearing shoes that are made for walking.

Grab A Water Bottle

While there will be drinks at the different stops, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting thirsty in between. Carry a water bottle with you to keep yourself hydrated in Las Vegas’s desert climate.

Make Sure You Have Room

You don’t want to show up to a food tour already full. Try to avoid eating before the tour begins and have a smaller breakfast the day of, that way you can have just enough room to fully savor and enjoy every morsel at each stop.

Show Up Early

Remember that old phrase “The early bird gets the worm?” Make sure you arrive early for your food tour so that you can have time to check in and get into a relaxed mood. Most food tours make an effort to be prompt about starting, so try your best to arrive early enough to be ready.

Be Prepared For A Fun Time

First and foremost, food tours are supposed to be fun. So come prepared for a good time. This is a time where you can step out of the everyday routine and have an experience set apart from the stresses of the outside.

Connect With Other Foodies

People go on food tours for a number of reasons: whether that be trying new food (of course), exploring and getting to know Vegas, or wanting to meet new people with similar interests.

Las Vegas food tours give you the opportunity to connect with people over a common love of culinary curiosity. From there, you can find other things that you mutually love and in turn create feelings of friendship and companionship that you might just carry with you long after the tour has ended.

The Las Vegas food scene attracts people from all over the world, and taking a food tour gives you a prime opportunity to meet them. You can meet new people from across the nation and around the world, and gather together with a common desire to experience world-class tastes.

Learn The History While You Eat

A food tour isn’t just about the food, it’s widely about creating an overall unforgettable experience. Part of that experience should be falling in love with Las Vegas. This is your chance to learn more about the Entertainment Capital of the World by falling in love with the history that made it into the place it is today.

This food tour shouldn’t be a matter of shuffling along from location to location. It’s all about forming an emotional attachment along with giving your five senses their fun. Your guide should be able to regale you with the stories of what made Las Vegas stand apart from the rest.

Find The Hidden Gems

Nobody wants to go to Las Vegas and spend each meal eating at a nationwide chain. You can get fast food at home. This is the time to skip the tourist restaurants and go right on to the local favorites.

Taste Buzz’s Las Vegas food tours are specifically crafted by a Vegas native, so that you are guaranteed to visit the spots where homegrown locals like to stop.

Eat like you’ve lived here your whole life and savor every flavor like you’ve never tasted food before.

Make Customer Service A Priority

You want this to be an enjoyable, no-hassle experience from beginning to end. After all, you deserve it. You’ve earned it. This food tour is the reward for the work you’ve accomplished. It’s not too much to ask that customer service rank high on your food tour checklist.

  • As you communicate with a food tour company, make a note of how they communicate with you and treat you.
  • Read reviews and testimonials to see how other people felt about it

Las Vegas food tours should prioritize customer service, ensuring that you have a stress-free experience. Poor customer service makes it hard to fully invest yourself in the moment, regardless of the other aspects of the tour.

This tour is to benefit you, so you should be treated right from first contact to the final bite of the night and beyond.

Maximize Every Moment

When it comes to vacations, your time is normally limited, so you want to get the maximum potential out of every single minute. Don’t spend so much of your vacation rushing that you forget the whole point of a vacation: to decompress, to explore, to breathe.

Las Vegas food tours offer you the opportunity to enjoy a wide array of experiences while also giving you the chance to relax and get your bearings. You can see the sights, accomplish much, and all the while be tasting the flavors of Las Vegas.

Why choose between visiting the landmarks or grabbing a bite to eat when you can do both at the same time?

Most Importantly: Have Fun!

This is meant to be a great time for you and your loved ones to get out and experience Las Vegas. Set aside the everyday, and step into the extraordinary. Here is your chance to truly live in the moment and let yourself go on an adventure for the senses.

Let your stresses melt away and sink into this opportunity to taste great food, gain some stories, and grow closer to your friends and family.

Book Your Taste Buzz Food Tour Today!

Now that you’ve gone through the ultimate guide, today’s the day to book your Las Vegas food adventure. Here at Taste Buzz we have a variety of Las Vegas food tours to choose from so that you can have the experience that you’re looking for.

Contact us today at (702) 909-0337 or email us at with any questions you have. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Book your Las Vegas food tour today and make an unforgettable memory!

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