Are you a Foodie?

Are you a Foodie?

Are you not sure if you are a foodie or not? While we believe that anyone who identifies as a foodie is a foodie, there are a couple signs that can alert you to your foodie attributes! At Taste Buzz Food Tours, we have our foodie friends to guide the best food tours in the Las Vegas area. Our passion for good food and connecting our guests with these new experiences enables us to provide a superior experience in many areas throughout Las Vegas. We offer food tours on The Strip, in the Downtown area along Fremont Street, and even in the Arts District. Here are a few signs that you are a foodie and that it is time to try one of our food and sightseeing walking tours!

You’re Open to Trying New Things


Foodies are open to trying new things and having new experiences. When you are passionate about food, you love trying new kinds of food and discovering new favorite places. Food tours are so popular with foodies because they are a great way to help them get these new experiences. If you find that you are eager to try new restaurants or can’t wait to try an exotic dish, it is highly likely that you are a foodie! Going on a food tour will help to ensure that you can have access to many of these new experiences.

You Read Food Magazines

Foodies often entertain themselves with food-related content. If you read food magazines regularly or watch the Food Network in your free time, you are certainly a foodie. When you engage in food-related content for fun, you can be confident that you have a passion for food. This is also the reason why foodies tend to be so knowledgeable about food and also tend to be great cooks.  

Restaurants are as Important as Hotels

Foodies can often be recognized by the importance that they place on the restaurants that they plan to visit. If you are on vacation and invest just as much energy into researching restaurants as hotels, it is a sure sign that food is an important part of your life. In fact, some foodies base their travel purely around food. Traveling for food is a great way to experience new cultures and new cuisines. A trip to Las Vegas will provide you with a great inside perspective of a quickly adapting and evolving culinary scene. There is always something new to experience when it comes to a food tour from our experts at Taste Buzz Food Tours. We strive to show you the local favorites and hidden gems in the area.  

Often Talk About the Food you Eat

Is the afternoon’s visit to a local sandwich shop a common topic at the dinner table? Foodies often talk about the food that they have eaten to the people that they care about. The topics that you want to share with your loved ones are topics that are meaningful to you. When you find that your conversations keep drifting to your favorite foods, you are probably a foodie. If you have other foodies in your life, this can also be a great way to bond with them. Even better; you can take a food tour with the other foodies in your life to have an incredible experience.  

Grocery Shopping Isn’t a Chore

For the average person, grocery shopping feels like an unpleasant chore that they have to do on a regular basis. However, grocery shopping is typically fun for a foodie! For foodies, grocery shopping can feel like a fun adventure where you get to explore new food options and try new things! If you find that you enjoy a trip to the grocery store, it is possible that you are a foodie.

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Plan your Next Meal Far in Advance

Many foodies find that they start thinking about their next meal the moment that they finish their current one. If you find that you are daydreaming about tonight’s pasta as you finish your breakfast burrito, it is possible that you have some foodie tendencies. You may even prep for a particular meal days in advance to have the best flavor experience.  

The Best Parties Have Food

As a foodie, you know that there are two things that will always make a party better: dogs and food. In fact, you often feel like party snacks are the primary reason to attend parties in the first place! If a party is devoid of delicious eats, you may find that you are tempted to seek entertainment elsewhere.

Your Instagram Feed is Always Full of Food

Foodies often follow many food-related accounts on their Instagram and other social media accounts. If your Instagram feed is always full of pictures of food, it is very likely that you are a foodie. After all, who cares about your high school friend’s child’s first day of school when there are delicious pastries to purvey? The accounts that you are drawn to follow on social media can give you a pretty good idea about what your true passions and interests are. If you are unsure about your own foodie status, you may want to take a look at your social media and see what you spend your time looking at.

You Rank Holidays by the Best Food

If you’re a foodie, there’s a good chance that your favorite holidays also include some of your favorite foods. For example, Halloween might be your favorite if you suffer from a sweet tooth while Thanksgiving might be your favorite if you are a poultry and potatoes fan. If you rank holidays by the food that you like, there is a great chance that food is one of your passions. This might also be the way that you rank celebrations or other events.  

You Dream of Purchasing Kitchen Appliances

Does your kitchen have more appliances than you have counter space for? Do you know how to use each and every one of those kitchen appliances? Foodies tend to collect kitchen appliances to ensure that they are able to make all of their favorite foods in the comfort of their very own home. As your list of desired kitchen appliances seems to never end, it is highly likely that cooking and food are a few of your passions.  

Your Kitchen Has Spices for Days

Every food lover knows that spices are the first line of defense against the dreaded bland foods. A kitchen that is stocked with endless amounts of spices is certainly a kitchen that belongs to a foodie. If you are on the fence about whether you are truly a foodie or not, you may be able to answer the question by taking a look at your spice rack.

You’re Often Asked for Restaurant Recommendations

As the go-to authority on all things food, it is likely that your friends and family turn to you often when they need restaurant recommendations. If you notice that your loved ones always ask you for food-related guidance, you are likely a food fanatic, and it has been noticed by the people you care about. Going on a food tour with our experts at Taste Buzz Food Tours will help you to find even more local favorites and great recommendations when your loved ones ask you for them. Your passion for food makes you the best resource when the people you care about need a great place to eat.  

You Can Correctly Pronounce the Names of Exotic Foods

Exotic foods from foreign countries can be difficult to pronounce, especially if you are unfamiliar with the language. However, foodies have often watched enough Food Network and have heard the names pronounced often enough to pronounce them correctly. If you find that even the most exotic name doesn’t make you hesitate, it is highly likely that you are living a foodie lifestyle!

Your Budget is Disproportionately Allocated for Food

Most foodies find that they spend entirely too much money on food! If you take a look at your budget and see that too large of a portion is allocated for food, you certainly have some food lover tendencies. While all of the eating out may be hard on your wallet, experiences are often worth the investment! For example, a food tour with our team at Taste Buzz Food Tours will provide you with lasting memories and potential bonding experiences with the people you care about.

Have you come to term with your foodie roots? We know a great way for you to satisfy your inner food fanatic! Join us on a food tour at Taste Buzz Food Tours to get an inside look at local favorites in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is renowned for the incredible food options and constantly evolving culinary scene. Let us show you the best places to visit. To learn more about our food tours and the other ways in which you can satisfy your inner foodie, contact us at Taste Buzz Food Tours today!

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