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Secret Foodie Locations and an Amazing Food Tour Experience.

Hi, I’m Kathryn, your Foodie Friend! I’m here to give you a little taste of what to expect by joining one of my fellow foodie friends, or myself, on a Taste Buzz Food Tour. Join us every week and sneak a bite of what our daily tours can offer you on your next Vegas vacation. We’ll keep your “Taste Buzz” singin’!

As a foodie, I find myself to be super passionate about delicious eats. Further, there is nothing I like quite as much as sharing a meal with great company. Here is a little slice of what you can expect if you join my team and me on a trip around the Vegas strip.

Our Food Tour Journey Begins!

The first locale on our journey is inside a casino that has only been open for less than ten years! As we walk, you will see a number of dining options to put on your “Come Check This Out Later” list. Unfortunately, we can’t stop everywhere or we won’t make it through the tour! 

That being said, your options are varied for later on during your vacation. 

Are in the mood for a sandwich? Well, there isn’t anything basic about the sandwiches that you’ll find here. With several twists to the American classic, you will be able to find serious satisfaction here. 

Are you in the mood for sushi? You’re in luck! With counter-side prep, these hand-rolls will hit the spot. 

#1 Rated Las Vegas Food Tour

How about something sweet to eat? Signature donuts are available in this grub hub. 

Cocktails, flavors, and mixers you’ve never heard about!

Not ready for food, but up for drinks? You will be able to enjoy your standard go-to cocktail as this bar adds a unique sparkle to your retreat.  Or take your drink knowledge up a notch with flavors and mixers you have never heard of. With a world-renowned mixology program, your taste buds will thank you for this!

Nothing screams ”Las Vegas” quite the same as a little bit of secret and sin. With our tour, we will introduce you to a secret speak-easy which will open your palette to a whole new bite. Spicy Mexican bar food and satisfying, yet non-traditional drink flavors will add unexpected inspiration to your journey.

As your dining horizons are opened, and we give you a bit of history along the way, we reach our first Taste Buzz eatery. 

A simple dining exprience that’s worth the wait.

You may be shocked as we introduce you to this simple dining experience as there is frequently a line that can take 30-45 minutes to get through. 

Don’t you worry though, by joining my tour group, you will be able to bypass the line! The question many ask is, “Why would anyone want to wait that long for such a basic meal?” Well, the answer to that questions is basic does not mean bland. 

This breakfast-style dish is made at order with only the freshest products available. The owners feel that every person who purchases their food should not have to scrimp on taste or quality.

With a line like that, it would be easy to assume that the cooking process is complex however, from order to serving, it only takes about 8 MINUTES to get your food. 

After jumping to the front of the line and getting your dish, if the day allows, you might just be able to meet the chef!

A dining experience like no other!

Either way, you have never experienced a diet standard quite like this.

Food Tour Group in Front of The Linq

Come back next week and I will spotlight another dining delight that you can find on the Foodie Tour on the Strip!

Are you ready to see what the buzz is all about?!

See you soon!


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