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Coffee, Cookies, and Chocolate

Hi, I’m Kathryn, your Foodie Friend! I’m here to give you a little taste of what to expect by joining one of my fellow foodie friends, or myself, on a Taste Buzz Food Tour. Join us every week and sneak a bite of what our daily tours can offer you on your next Vegas vacation. We’ll keep your “Taste Buzz” singin’!

As a foodie, I find myself to be super passionate about delicious eats. Further, there is nothing I like quite as much as sharing a meal with great company. Here is a little slice of what you can expect if you join my team and me on a trip around the Vegas strip.

The History of this Confectionery

We have all heard the term “practice makes perfect.” That statement couldn’t be truer for this pastry confectionery. Over the last 20 years, the owners of this establishment have taken their time to hone their specialty to shape a perfect bite.

As time has gone by, they have grown business, cooked things up internationally, and diversified flavors to satiate your appetite for a matured classic treat.

Honolulu Cookie Company Las Vegas
We’ve Got Cookies

Lookie Lookie… We’ve Got Cookies!

This week, I am going to bring to you a bit of what I call paradise…you guessed it, cookies!

While I know many of us stick to the tried-and-true classics for our daily life, there is nothing quite like branching out and trying a new flavor.

#1 Rated Las Vegas Food Tour

I know that this can be difficult for some as that chewy chocolate chip has never led to disappointment.  That sugar cookie has always given you that sweet comfort of cold winters by the fireplace.

It’s going to be hard, but stick with me and I will help you through this and you will be happier for it in the end.

While the base of this delicious treat is the same, the similarity stops there. With a great grouping of flavors, you will feel like you are on an island getaway in the heart of the Nevada desert.

Is that Coffee? How ‘bout Chocolate? Could be Coconut!

Here is where the excitement begins. For our traditionalist, you will have the opportunity to sample a subtle, yet delicious shortbread cookie.

That is where the subtlety ends!

With the opportunity to enjoy the Cookie of the House, there is nothing holding you back from returning to enjoy something else that tickles your fancy.

Do you like a rich, sweet coffee? This bakery will be able to satisfy that craving!

Do you have a sweet tooth that will only be soothed by a smooth and dark, chocolaty bite? Don’t you worry—this charming spot can take care of that sugary ache!

Are you cuckoo for coconut? Me too! Nowhere will you find a coconut cookie quite like this anywhere else. That’s right, by joining my tour, I will take you to enjoy a cookie bite that you won’t be able to enjoy anywhere else in the continental United States!

So, what’s next?

Does the thought of these cookies have your taste buds begging you to come and hang out with me?

I sure hope so! Come and see more with a Foodie Tour on the Strip!

Are you ready to see what the buzz is all about?!

See you soon!


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