What Is Food Tourism?

Food tourism (also known as “culinary tourism” or “gastronomy tourism”) is how you get to know a place, culture, and people through their cooking. They combine sightseeing with food, history with drink, all into a completely immersive experience. It is how you gain an appreciation for wherever you are, even if it’s your lifelong home.

Because of their close connection, food and tourism have always been associated. While always having been important to travel, the distinct encompassing title of  “food tourism” is a more recent development. It elevates culinary traditions to a pillar for regional identity while also celebrating society’s rich history that influences so much about who we are today.

How Does Food Tourism Work?

Food tourism can take on a variety of different forms. For some, it is simply a matter of going wherever strikes their fancy and eating. Others prefer a more structured approach, looking up popular places. Others do everything in their power to find the hole-in-the-wall joints where nobody but the locals go. Some go based on the number and quality of reviews, others are more focused on what will look best on their Instagram feed (no pun intended).

But if you’re wanting to eat like the locals, sample the best flavors, and see the sights of your destination, all in one fell swoop, then a food tour is for you.

It’s very simple how it works:

  1. You book the food tour that you would like to go on.
  2. On the day of, you will be taken on a guided walking tour of the area, where the guide will fill you in on the history and background of the places around you.
  3. You will be able to stop at a few destinations all along the way and sample a variety of delectable bites.

It’s really that easy! Here at Taste Buzz, for example, we offer a few different food tours for you to choose from, including the Las Vegas Strip, the Arts District, and Downtown Vegas.

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Food Tourism Is About More Than Just Food

Food tourism isn’t simply a matter of getting something to eat. It is about connecting people with the local culture and landscape, as well as the cuisine. This form of travel doesn’t have to be distanced or high-end, either, because it can happen anywhere, even in your own home town.

It’s true that we all like eating good food. Who doesn’t? Just imagine how boring life would be if we ate purely for survival instead of pleasure. So why not explore your surroundings through this lens? You’ll find new favorite places while also learning more about how other cultures, even the ones of your own backyard, live their lives every day.

The Benefits Of Food Tourism

Food tourism has benefits for both the diner and the cook. Both mutually benefit from the exploration of the former and the passion of the latter.

How do you benefit from taking a food tour? Let’s take a look:

  • You get to try new foods. This one seems obvious, right? But just think about that for a moment! You get to break away from the ordinary routine, you get to stop turning eating into simply something you do, and instead get to make an adventure out of it! Your focus isn’t about eating to give yourself energy (though that is always a benefit), it is about eating purely for the love it it!
  • You get to make unique memories. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: food tourism isn’t just about food. What you eat is tied to memory, down to your choices of breakfast cereal. When you eat something you love, odds are you start thinking about other good times connected with it. A food tour gives you the opportunity to make those memories.
  • You get to connect with people. This is a huge one. Like we said above, food tourism isn’t just about food, but also food isn’t just about food. Think about family dinners around the table where half the meal is spent talking and laughing. Food tours give you the chance to have those moments with your loved ones and with people you’ll get to meet.

Food tourism also has benefits for those who make the food. According to the World Food Travel Association:

  • With food tourism, there is an added 25% economic benefit for any given destination, which means that they get the opportunity to grow and support their families and neighbors, with your help.
  • An astounding 53% of leisure travelers are looking for the food of their destination, not out of need but out of a spirit of adventure and discovery. This statistic just goes to show how much of a role cuisine plays in connecting to your destination.
  • Amazingly, 1/3rd of a person’s average travel budget is devoted to food. There must be something important about a destination’s culinary side that so much would be put towards the good eats of a locale.

When it comes to eating tasty food, everybody wins!

Book Your Las Vegas Food Tour With Taste Buzz

There’s no aspect of tourism that cannot be improved by good food and drink. It gives us a way to gather and laugh and smile, and connect and grow closer. Families and friends always recall distinct memories connected with mealtimes. We gain empathy and strengthen ties to the places we visit and people we meet through food.

Give yourself that gift today by booking your Las Vegas food tour with Taste Buzz! Experience the sights, tastes, smells, sounds, and feels of the Entertainment Capital of the World as you explore the landmarks and experience the rich diversity of flavor and fun. Whether you want a date night, time spent with the family, or just want a reason to get out of the house yourself, you will find something here for everyone.

Foodies and adventurers alike are welcome here, those who want to eat for pleasure instead of survival, or are interested in the history of Las Vegas. This is your chance to grow your love of good ol’ LV.

Contact us today at (702) 909-0337 or shoot us off an email at to book your Las Vegas food tour today!

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