Meet The Founder of Taste Buzz Food Tours

Bold, inspired, and full of zest for both food and the city of Las Vegas, Kathryn Kelly, the founder of Taste Buzz Food Tours, redefines the way tourists experience the city.

For every tourist in Las Vegas, the search ends here. Are you looking to try various dishes and explore different restaurants within a limited time? Or perhaps, you crave a unique local experience, a blend of delicious food tasting and sightseeing? Whatever your heart desires, Kathryn Kelly’s Taste Buzz Food Tours delivers the optimum Las Vegas adventure.

Kathryn Kelly, a passionate foodie herself, had always dreamed of roping in the tantalizing food vibes of Las Vegas with the city’s iconic landmarks. With Taste Buzz Food Tours, this vision sees reality. The company doesn’t merely lead tourists from one restaurant to the next but it encompasses a broader perspective—it’s about sharing meals, bonding with locals, and experiencing the real Las Vegas lifestyle.

Unique to the core, her food tours are not just a gastronomical journey but a bridge to connect tourists with the heart of the city. They serve as a platform for food enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the local culture and see what it’s like to be a Las Vegas local, even if for a day.

Reflecting Kathryn’s love for the city and its diverse food culture, Taste Buzz Food Tours are meticulously curated. The selection of dishes is diverse and exciting, ensuring everyone has a memorable culinary experience. From star-rated restaurants to little-known foodie treasures, no stone is left unturned.

She designed Taste Buzz Food Tours with an idea of creating more than a food tour but an interactive platform that leaves a lasting impression on its guests. It allows you to taste, see, and bond over a meal—just as a local would.

#1 Rated Las Vegas Food Tour

Visiting Las Vegas? Taste Buzz Food Tours with Kathryn Kelly can guide you on a delicious journey through the city. The Taste Buzz Food Tours’ promise? A satisfying belly and a newfound love for Las Vegas.

Be a part of this tasteful journey and reinvent your Las Vegas tour with Kathryn Kelly’s Taste Buzz Food Tours. An intriguing blend of culinary delight and visual rewards waits for you in Vegas!

Come and experience the Taste Buzz Food Tours difference. It’s more than a food tour—it’s a culture tour, a history lesson, a sightseeing adventure, and a unique culinary experience. It’s a Taste Buzz!

The founder of Taste Buzz Food Tours poses for a photo with a group of people on a food tour in Las Vegas.

Ready for your next Las Vegas adventure? Book your Taste Buzz food tour today and meet the extraordinary woman behind it and the incredible Taste Buzz team! Explore the hidden foodie treasures Kathryn has discovered in the heart of Vegas.

Join the buzz, Join Taste Buzz Food Tours!

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