Inside Las Vegas Kettle Corn Shop

Try This Amazing Las Vegas Kettle Corn!

You reach your hand into a bag of kettle corn and throw one kernel into your mouth. It’s so good. You grab a few more and toss them all into your mouth. You can’t stop. It’s addicting. It’s careless, it’s crunchy, it’s light, it’s the perfect snack to grab when you’re in the mood for something fun to eat. Las Vegas Kettle Corn makes over 30 flavors of sweet, salty, savory and even spicy kettle corn each one just as addicting as the next.

And if it can’t get any better, they make fresh lemonade to go with your kettle corn. Their lemonade is not just any lemonade. They have a lemon smasher (the name is pretty obvious but if you don’t know what it is, make sure you watch the video), then they mix the juice with some sugar, cold water, and they shake their concoction into the best lemonade…ever! If you don’t believe me, you need to go and try it for yourself. They have 12 different flavors like raspberry, strawberry, mango, peach, watermelon to name a few and you can mix the flavors as well. After being quite intrigued at there being a coconut flavored option because I didn’t think the two flavors went well with each other, it is now my favorite.

Inside Las Vegas Kettle Corn Shop

Las Vegas Kettle Corn is centrally located inside the Container Park in Downtown Las Vegas. They offer the perfect combo of fun treats for everybody from toddlers and teenagers all the way up to seniors to enjoy. Next time you’re in the neighborhood, grab a few bags of kettle corn and a few flavors of lemonade to share with the whole family.

Keep an eye out for their stand at the local farmer’s markets. For more info, visit their website

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