Why a Food Tour is the Best Thing to Do in Vegas

“Vegas, Here We Come!”  Visiting Las Vegas is a top-rated destination for thousands of people each and every day. It is a city, an experience, if you will, that is built upon being its own unique cultural experiences of its own making. Las Vegas, which is located in the deserts of Nevada, has a history that has become synonymous with gambling, gangsters, showgirls, and casinos! But, over time, it has also been known to be a family-friendly adventure-filled destination filled with great activities, sightseeing, and food! Las Vegas has something for everyone.

There are the apparent to-do destinations when you think of Las Vegas, so many world-renowned shows and hotels to explore. Many of which are the ones that can be seen on popular TV shows and movies. It is a city that is home to world-class clubs, restaurants, museums, arcades, casinos, and more!  The Las Vegas strip stretches a little over 4 miles, and it is filled with things to do. At the top of your list of things to do while visiting the city that never sleeps is to find a food tour that will combine the culture of Las Vegas with delicious food! Taste Buzz Food Tours can be your meal ticket to a new memorable experience!

Why a Food Tour is the Best Thing to Do in Vegas!

Is it Just for “Foodies”?

A food tour is not only just for those who love food, the “foodies” if you will. It is for anyone that is looking to have a new experience that includes food and so much more! During the tour, you will be given the opportunity to try new types of food. 

What are the Plate Portions Like?

Come ready to enjoy several different types of food, don’t worry about leaving hungry. Throughout your Taste Buzz Food tour, you will be given many opportunities to try new food throughout your three-hour tour. 

#1 Rated Las Vegas Food Tour

Where Will the Food Tours Take Me?

There are three Taste Buzz Food tours available, each with its own unique, culturally rich experience. 

  • Las Vegas Strip Foodie Tour – On this tour, there will be up to 4 locations and have a sampling of a few things at each stop.  Along with the food, you will see some of  Las Vegas’ top attractions and locations that will be explained and introduced to you by an expert guide. This tour will provide the big city experience and some special local vibe feeling experiences. 
  • Arts District Foodie Tour – This tour will feel much more intimate and highlight the local intimate Las Vegas experience. This food tour will support small business owners and artists and make the old neighborhoods of Las Vegas come to life for you to enjoy. 
  • Downtown Vegas Foodie Tour – Downtown Las Vegas is the soul of the city, where Vegas started to become what it is as we know it today. Right off of Fremont Street, in Old Las Vegas. 

What Do I Need to Bring?

The most important thing that you need to bring is an appetite for fun and food.  Other than your appetite, it is important to bring the basics, such as comfortable clothing and shoes, sun protection, and dress accordingly to the weather. 

What are the Types of Food that Will Be Served?

Depending on what type of food tour you select, you will enjoy food from fine dining to food trucks and from cocktails, breweries, and coffees.  The types of food will vary, but no worries, each will be delicious and unique to its own chef’s design.

Eat, Drink and Stay a While

Your mouth must be watering at this point as you think of all the delicious possibilities that you will get to enjoy while on the tour. However, the food is just part of the excitement. The food tour also is an invitation to see the life and culture of Las Vegas.  Your tour guide will be your personal explorer who can provide fun facts and stories about the neighborhood and locations you visit and give you tips on things to experience outside the food tour. 

Book Your Tour Today!

When planning a Taste Buzz Food tour you can get added benefits when you start your vacation or day off with a foodie tour. While on the food tour you will see a new Las Vegas that can inspire the rest of your vacation or day there. Book your tour today! 

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