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Kathryn is a true native, born and raised in Las Vegas. She has seen the city grow, change, and evolve to what is has become today. After living in France for two years, she brought back with her a new found passion for enjoying a wonderful meal among family, friends, and strangers who all share their love for food, wine, stories and appreciation of enjoying life in the moment.

“I have always loved food. I know how to cook and I sure know how to eat. If I didn’t work out as much as I do, it would definitely show!”

Kathryn has worked in the service industry since she was 15 years old in various restaurants on and off the Strip.

Take a food tour with Kathryn and she will love to introduce to you the city she knows as Las Vegas. She will share with you her passion of amazing food that has grown so much from 99 foot long hot dogs to the most delicious dishes in the world today.

Kathryn created Taste Buzz Food Tours to give visitors a completely unique experience to Las Vegas.

“When I travel, I enjoy doing the things that locals do. I want to hang out with the locals and actually get to know the city. My favorite vacations have always been when I get lucky enough to meet someone that can show me around.”

Kathryn knows that in a large city like Las Vegas, this experience can be difficult. Combining her love for good food and knowledge of the food and beverage industry with her desire to provide visitors with the same personalized experience that she enjoys while traveling, Taste Buzz Food Tours was born. She mixes fan favorite foods with local culture and top Vegas attractions for an experience everyone can enjoy.

For all of those delicious places in Vegas that Kathryn loves but can’t fit in one of her Taste Buzz Food Tours, you can learn about them on her YouTube Channel where she shows you where to go to get the best local foodie flavors.


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Q & A

What’s your favorite food?

My mom’s cooking. She’s from the Philippines so she would cook Filipino food every day growing up. She still cooks every day and I look forward to it every time I go to my parents’ house.

What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten?

Haggis. When I was in Scotland I needed to try this, so my vegan friends took me to a place and I had the real version and then I tried a vegan version. They were both surprisingly good!

What do you like to do when you have free time?

I love going to the gym! It’s a great way to burn off stress and extra calories!

Where can we find you on your day off?

China town. There are so many good restaurants, coffee shops, wine, desserts…I could spend all day bouncing from restaurant to restaurant.

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